Manufacturer of Fly Ash Bricks, CLC Blocks, Paver Blocks and Tiles.


Fly Ash Bricks are made by Machine and hence uniform in shape, size and consistent quality. The shape & design are made to fit vertical or horizontal builds.This saves mortar and increase the carpet area.


Your search for environment friendly bricks for your green building ends here...

Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturer in Kolkata

Basic technical bio-data of cement
based fly ash bricks / block in
comparison with clay burnt bricks.

Production of cement based fly ash bricks / blocks are basically a diversification of traditional clay burnt bricks, an ideal substitute. Many of the existing clay burnt brick fields are being forced by the pollution and controlling of use of coal. Fly ash Bricks and Tiles are widely used by big township project and are also promoted by Central Government of India.

Green Bricks & Tiles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Fly-ash bricks in Kolkata region. Our fly ash bricks are of the highest quality and have high compressive strength.The manufacturing process is fully automatic with state of art technology. Our bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load-bearing and non load-bearing wall.
Bricks manufactured in Green Bricks & Tiles Factory and under GBT brand are very special, since these are made out of quality fly ash, sand and best quality cement. To ascertain quality, our Bricks and Raw Materials are tested in certfied laboratories.

Highlights & Advantages

- Uniformity in size, all sides even and smooth surface finished.
- Free from salinity, damp and wetting - No efflorescence - ultimate - longer life.
- Low porosity and low water absorption.
- Ideal product for low cost housing projects and cost effecting projects.

Significant saving in Cement consumption, labour cost, foundation cost, plastering work may be avoided due to even surface and direct colour washing on outer wall surface can be done.
In respect of modern civilization for construction the cement based fly ash bricks / hollow bricks gives great assurance in long lasting.
No other brick compares with our bricks in compressive strength and uniformity of shape and size.